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Visionsemicon will raise the company which contributes for mankind and is respected to our descendant with following management philosophy.

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Company Profile

Name of CompanyVisionsemicon
Date of Establishment1997.10.15
CEOYoon Tongseab
Address265 Techno 2-ro, Yuseoung-Gu, Daejeon, Korea 305-510
Main Number+82-42-931-2007
Business ContentsPlasma Solution, Oven Solution, Robot Automation, etc


Application by Industry

Visionsemicon has provided essential equipment for semiconductor, LED industry.
We have developed Plasma cleaning system, Oven cure system, Material management system,
and so on. We do our best to satisfy customer.
Plus, we have provided total solution with robots.
We invest greatly in technology and have relationship with a lot of renowned companies.
We are doing our utmost for customer satisfaction.


Management philosophy

The value of a company is fate to offer ones for mankind. We should pursue the happiness and satisfaction of all mankind by providing future oriented technologies based on our skill from the past and present.

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  1. The spirit of respecting all human beings.
  2. The spirit of continuously developing the one and only product in the world.
  3. The spirit of becoming the best in the world of their field.
  4. The spirit of dedication.
  5. The spirit of volunteering with heart.
  6. Nurturing visionsemicon to be respected by our descendant.